We love data, JPEGs, and gifs...

We're building tools to support the growth of the NFT community, but we need your help! By purchasing a niceJPEG access pass, you will have lifetime access to all new features, all of our quickest data feeds, as well as guiding the development of our new features. You are free to hodl, sell, or trade your access pass like any other NFT!

Currently, everyone has access to all of the features deployed on niceJPEG. However, to continue building and developing new features, we will be separating access on the site. By holding an Access Pass, you will be able to access all current and future features, as well as have a say in what we build next! We are committed to providing ongoing access to niceJPEG for everyone, but will start to focus on our community and limit access to some features to those that hold an Access Pass.

We love the data, the JPEGs, the gifs, the community, and are excited to keep building tools to help improve the JPEG experience for everyone!



    This page is pretty rough because we're busy working on technical features...

    Here's a quick list of some of what we've built so far:

  • Realtime Block Explorer to monitor and index OpenSea Transactions and projects. We will add more marketplaces in the future as needed.
  • Realtime sales tracking on OpenSea to see what is hot!
  • Semi-automated collection rarity tracking. This can process collection rarity for specific projects in seconds, not minutes, saving valuable time! In addition, pass holders will be able to see what tokens are listed, and more details on the individual items in a collection.
  • Indexing almost 6,000 active collections and building the system to be able to perform further analysis on these projects. We will point our machine backwards to explore what other projects exist on the Ethereum blockchain. We're planning on adding search, and other features to this system.



We're not committing to any sort of roadmap because we want the community to decide what features to build. niceJPEG started as a way to track rarity quickly on project launch and has evolved to realtime block monitoring and building the infrastructure to be able to deploy new features very quickly based on what the community wants. Without this feedback from communities like the
Shiny Object Social Club, this wouldn't look the way it does today.
Let's build together!

However... some of the ideas we have in the pipeline are mint monitoring, trigger notifications, adding fully-automated rarity calculations for all projects indexed, improving collection contract indexing (more than 5k collections identified to date) companion apps (possibly browser extensions), more Discord bots, a user accessible API, and much much more!

Discord is coming soon, and will be the easiest way to collaborate on this and discuss more of our ongoing research in the NFT space!

Lifetime Access Pass NFT

Access Pass members have access to all membership features as long as you hold the NFT. You are free to sell this on any marketplace, and you will be a core part of the continued growth and development of niceJPEG.

Psst... The earlier you buy, the cheaper the access pass is. In addition, Founder, Friend, and Supporter passes will give you access to early launch and/or beta development features. Your feedback will help guide what we should focus on and build!

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Founder Passes - 8/100 Minted

Friend Passes - 0/150 Minted

Supporter Passes - 0/250 Minted

Monthly Subscription

We will be launching a monthly subscription in the near future. For the time being we are focusing on the needs of our Access Pass Holders and will advise when memberships are available to purchase.

You can support our early developments and contribute to the community by purchasing an access pass!

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